Mr Bharat Gupta


Education cannot be confined to schools, colleges and universities. It is a life-long process. What we know and do and need to know and do, cannot all be taught by any school. But the school performs a very big service. It equips the learner with basic tools of learning and provides him with the fundamentals of knowledge so that the learner reaches a stage where he is capable of learning on his own. In this sense, the teacher ceases to be a mere giver of knowledge and turns a facilitator. The school transforms itself from a place of learning the three R’s to a centre of human resource development where, in addition to normal routine transaction of curriculum, the innate talents and abilities of the learners are unearthed, developed and brought to fruition. They learn how to learn and act beyond the prescribed curriculum and apply their knowledge to innovative and creative activities. Education, then, no longer remains preparation for a three hour examination but is transformed into a process of modification of thought processes and behaviour. It is excellence and quality of education which can produce leaders in every field who will take the country forward. In this scenario, the private sector assumes an important role. It has the expertise, the resources, the faculty and the infrastructure to train young men and women who will place India in the front line of the most developed nations in the world.

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